The Real Threat

Someone managed to sneak a bomb onto a base near the KIV, detonating himself and killing four people, and now everyone is freaking the fuck out about security. Understandable, given that getting a bomb onto any base is extremely difficult.

Just another reminder that I am never safe, no matter where I am.

But at times like these, I need to keep in mind the REAL threat…

This is a REAL poster BTW, not something I Photoshopped together.

NOOOO!!!! Don’t touch that kitten! Look at its pointy claws and gaping maw filled with itty bitty daggers, just waiting for the right moment to bite through all your body armor and give you RABIES!!!

No one is safe when they rub up against your leg with their deceptively soft fur, look at you with big eyes pretending to want only your love, and let out the tiniest, most precious meow. That’s how they get you.

Punt it away like a feline football, and be confident you did the right thing.

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